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Small Habits + Consistency + Time = Remarkable Results
Learn how to create sustainable eating and movement habits


About Me



I'm Natalia Gomez and this is the place where I share my interest in evidence-based nutrition, running, performance and humanity's impact on the planet. I've been long-distance running for over 10 years and in that time I've completed multiple trail races and 20+ marathons. While training, my interest in nutrition and movement grew, and as part of this growth I completed several nutrition programs including Precision Nutrition's Certification Program, the Plant-Based Nutrition Certification from e-Cornell and the Culinary Nutrition Certification from Matthew Kenney Culinary. Not long after, and with a few nudges from my husband, my two children, and friends, I decided to document my continuing exploration in the hope that others can benefit from it.

Sulphur Springs Trail
Habit-Based Nutrition Coaching is for those who want to:

Learn to build sustainable habits that transform the way they eat, move and recover

Learn practical strategies that make it easier to achieve health and fitness goals.

Learn how to create a system that promotes consistency and makes positive choices automatic

Shape their environment to support the changes they want to make and remove the roadblocks that prevent them from achieving success

What does Habit-Based Nutrition Coaching provide?

A program that synchronizes with your everyday life and is adapted to your preferences

A program that focuses on gradual, incremental improvements over time

A program with support, accountability and learning built-in

Schedule a FREE 20-minute information session now to see if we’re the right fit for each other

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